LINE SDK for iOS overview

Table of contents

The LINE SDK for iOS lets you integrate LINE into your iOS app to create a more engaging experience for your users.


The LINE SDK for iOS provides the following features.

User authentication

Add LINE Login to your iOS app to let users log in using their LINE accounts. With the LINE SDK, allow users to automatically log in to your app without entering their LINE credentials if they are logged in to LINE on their iOS devices.

API calls

Use the methods included in the LINE SDK to get user profile information, log out users, and manage access tokens.

Using the SDK

To use the LINE SDK with your iOS app, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a channel. See Getting started with LINE Login in the LINE Login document.
  2. Integrate LINE Login into your iOS app using the SDK. See Integrating LINE Login with your iOS app.
  3. Make API calls from your app using the SDK or server-side through the Social API. See the LINE SDK for iOS API reference and the Social API reference.

Trying the starter app

You can see how LINE Login works using our starter app. See Trying LINE Login on iOS.

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