# Promoting service with banners

If LINE determines that your LINE MINI App should be introduced, it may request a promotion through a banner. In such instance, LINE will contact you regarding submission of materials (photographs) to be used in making the banner.

LINE will create and display your banner.

# When are banners displayed?

LINE MINI App banners are displayed in the following instances:

  • If your LINE MINI App can provide useful services to users at specific times of the year, such as year-end and New Year's, Christmas, or Obon.
  • If the number of users for your LINE MINI App is growing and a little push could greatly promote further growth and popularity.
  • If you are carrying out large offline promotions or commercials (non-LINE media or physical stores) and need to make sure users can easily locate your service.

The above conditions are subject to change. In addition, even if the conditions are met, it does not guarantee that a banner be created or displayed.

# What are the necessary materials in creating banners?

Please provide a photograph of what you would like to introduce in your banner. Banners are not made from illustrations, but from photographs.

Advertise your LINE MINI App with banners

# Can you request that a banner be created and displayed?

Banners are not created or displayed upon request. You cannot request that a banner be created for your LINE MINI App, nor can you create and post your own banner.