# Integration flow

# Payment Sequence diagram

Explains the process of making a payment.

Target API

  • Payment API (sequence diagram - #4)

Payment sequence

Figure 2 Payment Sequence diagram

# Payment Sequence diagram Explanation

  1. A LINE Pay user shows MyCode (Barcode/QR Code) to a Merchant's Device.
  2. Merchant's Device reads MyCode (Barcode/QR Code).
  3. Merchant's Device requests payment to the merchant's Payment Server.
  4. Merchant Payment Server calls the Payment API.
  5. Check the API response information and confirm whether the payment is complete or not.
  6. Merchant's Payment Server responds with the payment result to the Merchant's Device.
  7. LINE Pay Server notifies the payment result (Success/Failure) to the LINE Pay user via Push or LINE Pay Official Account Message.

If the result can't be confirmed due to a response time delay, confirm the result by calling the "Payment Status Check API".

# After Payment Sequence

API after the payment creation process can be processed by calling API once

Target API

  • VOID
  • Authorization/Payment Details