# Preparation prior to integration

Prior to LINE Pay Payment API Integration, a merchant needs to register to become a LINE Pay Merchant and check the key information needed for integration.

# Merchant Registration

A Merchant needs to be registered as a LINE Pay Merchant for LINE Pay payment integration.

For more details on the registration process, a merchant can download the LINE Pay Merchant Registration Guide on the merchant portal.

(Location: https://pay.line.me/jp/developers/apis/apis?locale=en_US (opens new window) – LINE Pay Merchant Registration Guide)

# Preparation for Integration

  1. White list registration of Merchant Payment Server a. LINE Pay limits server access in the channel ID uniquely generated for each merchant by IP registration of merchant's Payment Server. b. IP registration can be done here - "Login to Merchant Center(http://pay.line.me) - Payment Integration Management - Manage Payment Server IP".
  2. Channel ID and Channel Secret Key Confirmation a. This essential information regarding API Integration can be found here - "Login to Merchant Center(http://pay.line.me) - Payment Integration Management - Manage Link Key". b. This information must not be exposed anywhere since it's uniquely generated for each merchant.
  3. Available currency check for payment integration a. LINE Pay merchant can use only one currency for API Integration and available currencies are as follows. You can also find information here - "Login to Merchant Center(http://pay.line.me) - Manage Basic Info - Merchant Information".
    • JPY
    • USD
    • THB
    • TWD