# Checkout

Using various payment methods provided by LINE Pay, such as balance, credit card, bank account, LINE Point, and LINE member information, members can conveniently process payment and orders.

# Checkout Flow

Checkout Flow

Checkout Flow

  1. Using the request API of LINE Pay, make a request for payment information. To activate the checkout service when requesting, set "shipping.type" as SHIPPING and provide an API to LINE Pay via shipping.feeInquiryUrl, which displays information on shipping methods and shipping fees.
  2. Using the paymentUrl found in the response information of the payment request API, you can access the LINE Pay payment page.
  3. LINE Pay members can confirm their product(s) and payment information from the LINE Pay app payment page, where they can also enter their shipping address. Once they enter a shipping address, LINE Pay displays available shipping methods, based on location and order information (orderId, transactionId), and members can select their preferred shipping method.
  4. After selecting a shipping method and payment method, members can approve the payment request using the safe and simple LINE Pay user authentication.
  5. Once the member approves, add the shipping fee and selected shipping method to the ConfirmUrl provided by the store, and go to the ConfirmUrl from the member's device.
  6. Provide notice to the store that it can complete the payment since the request has been approved. The payment request, along with the ConfirmUrl, calls the Confirm API from the store to complete the payment.

# Checkout Type

LINE Pay provides a checkout feature and general payment with a "shipping.type" option. To provide the checkout feature to users, set the checkout option as SHIPPING. To provide general payment, leave it as NO_SHIPPING, which is the default value.

Highly Recommended


When using the checkout feature, the store should provide an Inquiry ShippingMethods API to LINE Pay to view the shipping methods. For APIs that you are required to provide to LINE Pay, see Inquiry ShippingMethods API of the Merchant APIs.

# Shipping Methods

When LINE Pay members enter their shipping address, they must be provided with a list of shipping companies, fees, and expected shipping periods. You can check APIs to provide at Inquiry ShippingMethods API.

When the member selects the shipping address at the checkout page, LINE Pay will request information of shipping region to the store. The selected shipping method and fee are sent through Query String of the ConfirmUrl. For more details, see confirmUrl Spec.

The general checkout sets shipping.feeInquiryType as CONDITION to cope with shipping fee and information that varies depending on shipping destination. For products with fixed or free shipping fee, you can choose to set as FIXED. For free or fixed shipping, LINE Pay doesn't request information to the store including shipping method or shipping standard fee even when the member changes shipping address.


If there is a shipping address that the member used previously, it will be automatically entered in the checkout page when sending the payment request API. If the shipping address can't be changed, set shipping.type to FIXED_ADDRESS option to complete the order with the address sent from the store.

Highly Recommended

For fixed fees or free shipping, set the shipping.feeInquiryType as FIXED. For general checkout payment, set the shipping.feeInquiryType as CONDITION.

# Shipping Recipient

Japan only

In the recipient information, fill in firstName, lastName using Chinese (Kanji) characters, and firstNameOptional, lastNameOptional using Katakana.