# About automatic communication

Automatic communication is a function that lets devices and LINE communicate with each other without involvement of an end user, based on scenarios defined by a developer.

You can make LINE connect to and communicate with devices at periodic intervals, or maintain a persistent connection and let LINE listen for notifications from devices. The results of these communications are returned to your channel's Webhook URL via the Messaging API.

Automatic communication overview

Automatic communication enables you to do things like make home appliances communicate spontaneously.

Channels are linked to bots, so the following functions can be realized based on the contents acquired from the device.

  • Send a message from the bot to the user to notify them. e.g. notify the battery level periodically, get the user's weight when they step on a set of scales, or notify the user of changes.
  • Store data in bots and notify of changes periodically. e.g. get information from a fitness tracker, or record exercise time.
  • Send a message with the result of a bot's processing of device data.

Furthermore, by combining automatic communication and bot conversations, you can create entirely new experiences that incorporate IoT devices and LINE.