About the LINE Things Developer Trial

The LINE Things Developer Trial is available free of charge, so that many developers can use the functions of LINE Things.

The LINE Things Developer Trial provides these functions:

  • Trial product

In LINE Things Developer Trial, you create a trial product to ensure that BLE-compatible devices comply with LINE Things Developer Trial. For more information, see Creating a trial product.

Note: All functions of LINE Things used in the trial product may be changed or stopped without prior notice.

LINE Things Developer Trial restrictions

LINE Things Developer Trial has the following restrictions.

Note: If used beyond the restrictions described here, the trial product may be deleted without prior notice.

Restrictions on number of products, devices, and users

  • A maximum number of 10 trial products can be created per channel.
  • A maximum number of 100 LINE Things-compatible devices can be used per trial product.
  • A maximum number of 10 users can be linked to each LINE Things-compatible device.

Note: If used beyond the restrictions, the trial product may be deleted.

Request for adding your LINE@ account as a friend in advance

Before linking LINE Things-compatible devices on LINE, add your LINE@ account (channel for the Messaging API) associated with the LINE Things-compatible devices (products) as a friend.

Requirements for creating LINE Things-compatible devices in LINE Things Developer Trial

  • In the packet advertised by the LINE Things-compatible devices for pairing, include the service UUID for service search. You get this UUID when you create a trial product.
  • In the characteristic for device identification, record the product-specific device ID (PSDI). The characteristic for device identification can be identified by the service UUID for device identification and the characteristic UUID for device identification, both specified in the LINE Platform.

Both UUIDs have fixed values:

Item Value
Service UUID for device identification e625601e-9e55-4597-a598-76018a0d293d
Characteristic UUID for device identification 26e2b12b-85f0-4f3f-9fdd-91d114270e6e