# Workflow

Here, we explain the workflow for controlling Bluetooth® Low Energy-compatible devices with LINE Things.

# Overview

To construct a service compatible with LINE Things, link your bot app, your Messaging API channel, the LINE Platform, LINE, and your devices as shown in the figure.


# Workflow


# (1) Create a Messaging API channel

First, create a provider and a Messaging API channel on the LINE Developers Console. Learn how to create a provider and channel from Introduction in the Messaging API documentation.

After you create a Messaging API channel, you'll find the following information in the Channel basic settings page of the LINE Developers Console. Be sure to store it somewhere you can find it later.

Information Description
Channel secret A secret key by which a bot app can verify that an incoming Webhook event was sent from the LINE Platform.
Access token (long-lived) A token that identifies the channel for the Messaging API.

# Precaution for channel and provider linkage

Once you create a channel, you can't move the channel to another provider later.

A LINE user who uses services provided by developers is given a different user ID for each provider. User IDs can't be used to identify the same user across channels under different providers.

Cases that require special attention when creating a channel

For example, the following cases require special attention:

  • Channels and providers are managed by separate individuals or companies.
  • Create channels of unrelated services or companies under one provider.
  • Channels are created under a provider managed by a service (company) that operates channel management tools, etc.

In such cases, problems may arise in the future due to the inability to move channels later between providers and the fact that a user is given different user IDs for different providers. After considering the risks involved, create a channel under the appropriate provider.

# (2) Prepare your system

If you want to send a message to the user when a device is linked or unlinked, you'll need to build a bot app. Learn how from Building a bot in the Messaging API documentation.

If you don't want to send messages on link or unlink events, there is no need to build a bot app.

# (3) Configure devices

Configure your Bluetooth® Low Energy-compatible devices to make them compatible with LINE Things.

# Try LINE Things

After completing the above, start LINE, and try controlling your devices.

Learn more from Trying LINE Things.