# Trying LINE Things

When you've finished all preparations, start LINE and try controlling your device.

# Trying for the first time

When you are trying a device for the first time, agree to the LINE Things Terms of Use, and then link the device with LINE.


Add the account as a friend on LINE by scanning the QR code on the Channel basic settings page for your Messaging API channel in the LINE Developers Console.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone.

    If you are using Android, turn on location information as well.

  2. Read the following QR code on LINE, or access the following URL on a smartphone with LINE installed.

    QR code


    The LINE Things Terms of Use are displayed.

  3. Click Agree.

    LINE now scans for devices.

  4. Operate the device to make it advertise.

    The device is displayed in Available devices on LINE.


    If the device is not displayed in Available devices, check that it was created according to the instructions in Configuring devices.

  5. Tap the device to link.

  6. Select Use device now.

    A screen asking for permission to use the Messaging API channel is displayed.

  7. Read the usage consent statement and tap Agree.

    This completes the link between the device and LINE and opens a chat screen.