Migration of LINE@ accounts


As of April 18, 2019, the existing LINE@ account plans have been consolidated into the new LINE official account plans.

After April 18, 2019, you cannot create any LINE@ account. When you create a Messaging API channel in the LINE Developers console, a LINE official account is created instead of a LINE@ account.

For changes associated with the service integration, see the following articles:

Schedule and methods for the service integration

See the table below for how to migrate existing LINE@ accounts.

Plan Migration method
Developer Trial plan After mid-June, 2019, your LINE@ account will be automatically migrated to a LINE official account and LINE@ Manager will display that the account has been migrated. The free plan will be applied to the migrated account.
Free plan After April 18, 2019, LINE@ Manager will display a notification telling that you can migrate your LINE@ account. Migrate it to a LINE official account at your convenience. The free plan will be applied to the migrated account.

Manage your migrated account with LINE Official Account Manager.

Changes in terminology

The main target audience of this documentation site is developers of LINE official accounts with the free plan applied. If you are using a LINE@ account before migration to a LINE official account, replace terms as below:

Before migration After migration
LINE@ account LINE official account
LINE@ Manager LINE Official Account Manager

Different specifications between the two account types are documented in the Messaging API reference.

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