# Managing access tokens

The Social API lets you manage and keep your users’ access tokens valid. After a user logs in to your app and you have retrieved a token, you can verify and refresh the token.

# Before you begin

To call the Social API, you must have an access token retrieved through the LINE Login authentication and authorization process. For more information on how to use LINE Login, see the following pages.

# About access tokens

Once a user has been authenticated, an access token is returned which can be used to call the Social API. Access tokens are valid for 30 days after being issued. The time of expiry in seconds is returned in the expires_in property in the response with the access token.

# Refresh tokens

When an access token expires, you can use a refresh token to get a new access token. Note that refresh tokens are valid up until 90 days after the access token issued. If the refresh token expires, you must prompt the user to log in again to generate a new access token.

# Verifying access tokens

For verifying access tokens, refer to the Verify access token validity in Social API v2.1 reference.

# Refreshing access tokens

For refreshing access tokens, refer to the Refresh access token in Social API v2.1 reference.

For more information on the Social API, see the following pages.