• 2019/12/12

    LINE SDK v4.x content removed

    As announced on September 13, 2019, we've removed all content related to LINE SDK v4.x from this site. We've also redirected any paths still pointing to the removed content to these pages:

  • 2019/12/11

    Problem with channel statistics in console

    There is an issue with the Statistics tab for Messaging API channels on the LINE Developers console. Due to an inconsistency in how the system handles timezones, the tab appears to show different data for certain days than the TSV file that you can generate by clicking Download as TSV.

    This problem only affects users outside the JST timezone, and only affects the presentation of the data. No data was deleted or damaged. After the issue is solved, you'll be able to retrieve and display all data as normal.

    We're currently working to solve the problem and will inform you as soon as we have finished. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • 2019/12/06

    A stay event was added to beacon event

    In the Messaging API beacon event, a stay event has been added to indicate that the user is staying in the covered area of the beacon.

    If you wish to use the stay event, please contact us at LINE for Business.

  • 2019/12/06

    New LINE Login notification message

    When a user logs in to a site that uses LINE Login v2.1, the content of the notification from the Official LINE account will be different.

    Before, the notification differed depending on the login method that was used. Starting December 9th, 2019, the notification content will be consistent regardless of how the user logs in.

    LINE Login notification message

    Successful login

    We've detected a login to X on Y (Z).
    IP address: {ip_address}
    Location: {Location}
    If this wasn't you, you can log out here: {device_link}
    We also recommend changing your password via the following link: {help_link}

    Failed login

    We've detected an unsuccessful login attempt to X on Y (Z).
    IP address: {ip_address}
    Location: {Location}
    If this wasn't you, you can check which devices are logged into your account here: {device_link}
    We also recommend changing your password via the following link: {help_link}

    Note that (Z) represents a URL and may sometimes be omitted.

    Target users

    For all LINE users that log in to a site using LINE Login v2.1.

  • 2019/12/05

    New property added to "sticker message" webhook event

    We added a new stickerResourceType property to the webhook event that notifies you when a sticker message is sent.

    Use this property to see what type of sticker was sent (still image, animated sticker, sticker with sound, etc.).

    Learn more from the Sticker section of the Messaging API reference.

  • 2019/12/05

    LINE TV API documentation released

    LINE TV is a video streaming service available in Thailand. Today, we released the English version of the LINE TV documentation. We are currently not planning to translate it to other languages.

    While LINE TV is only available in Thailand, you can call the APIs from anywhere in the world.

  • 2019/11/29

    Some LIFF functions suspended

    Due to a technical issue, we've temporarily suspended the following LIFF functions. We'll let you know as soon as this situation changes.

    • liff.scanCode()
    • liff.bluetooth.*

    Impacted environments

    Environment Version
    LINE for iOS On version 9.19.0 and later, the functions listed above are temporarily unavailable.
    LINE for Android Not affected for now, but more news will follow soon.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to solve the problem.

  • 2019/11/26

    New LINE Developers console released

    As previously announced, today we released a new version of the LINE Developers console.

    This version of the console fixes several reported problems and adds various improvements to create a smoother, more reliable experience. Here are some highlights of the new release:

    Better grouping of settings

    Each channel's first tab is now called Basic settings and contains the essentials. The second tab is named after the channel type (LINE Login, Messaging API, or Clova skill), and contains settings relevant to that type.

    Screenshot of Basic settings and Messaging API tabs

    Find providers by typing

    Use the search field at the top of the provider list to filter by name and easily find the provider you're looking for.

    Screenshot of search field at top of provider list

    Every role in one place

    In the previous version you had to manage Admin, Member, and Tester users on two different pages. Now, you can find and add users of any type on the Roles tab.

    Screenshot of Roles tab in channel information

    We hope the new console makes it easier for you to create and manage channels. We'll continue working to improve your experience with future releases.

  • 2019/11/19

    Maintenance notice: LINE Developers Console design update

    We will perform maintenance on the LINE Developers console at the below time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Scheduled maintenance time

    November 26, 2019 12:00-13:00 JST (+9 GMT)


    The LINE Developers site will be unavailable during the maintenance period.

    This maintenance will not affect LINE Platform products such as LINE Login and the Messaging API.


    This maintenance brings a new design to the LINE Developers console. With the updated design, you will be able to use LINE Platform products more comfortably and efficiently.

    The main changes are as follows.

    • The provider list will have a filter function, letting you easily choose a provider.
    • When adding or editing an IP address on the Security tab, you can see the registered IP address.
    • You can manage the Admin, Member, and Tester users on the same tab. Before, Testers were managed on a different tab.

    We also plan to improve usability by changing certain specifications.

    LINE will continue to improve the quality of its services.

  • 2019/11/11

    Users can no longer add LIFF apps to Messaging API channels

    LIFF v2 is scheduled to be updated with LINE Login as the core channel. Additionally, an upcoming change will prevent users from adding LIFF apps to Messaging API channels entirely. We strongly recommend users to add LIFF apps to the LINE Login channel.

    Scheduled change date

    Early February 2020


    Channel type Impact
    LINE Login channel Not affected.
    Messaging API channel After the specification change, LIFF apps cannot be added to the Messaging API channel. LIFF apps added to Messaging API channels at the time of specification change are still usable.
    note Do not add LIFF apps to the Messaging API channel

    At this time, users can add LIFF apps to the Messaging API channel. However, we strongly advise against it due to the following restrictions:

    • The bot link feature can't be used.
    • LIFF feature expansion may not be supported.
    • The LIFF app may not be usable in the future.

    LIFF apps added to the LINE Login channel have no restrictions and can use all LIFF v2 functions.

    Transition to the LINE Login channel

    To continue using the LIFF app added to the Messaging API channel, re-add the LIFF app to the LINE Login channel. Once re-added, LINE Developers console will issue a new LIFF app ID. As a result, please take note of the following:

    • If you're using LIFF v2, change the LIFF app ID specified in liff.init().
    • The LIFF URL used to launch LIFF(e.g.:line://app/1234567890-AbcdEfgh)will change.
    note Remove LIFF apps added to Messaging API channel

    To avoid confusion, delete the LIFF app added to the Messaging API channel after adding to the LINE Login channel.