News: Articles for Apr 2016

  • 2016/04/28

    Method for calling APIs for BOT API Trial changed

    You are no longer required to register the IP address of your server to call APIs for BOT API Trial. If you register an IP address on the whitelist, API calls will be limited to that IP address. You can use the whitelist for security purposes.

  • 2016/04/27

    Method for calling APIs for BOT API Trial changed

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the LINE Developers official account.

    The LINE Developers official account provides you with the latest updates on the LINE platform. By adding the official account to your friend list, you'll receive information on documentation updates, SDK releases, specification changes and more.

    To add the LINE Developers official account to your friend list, scan the QR code below or if you are using a smartphone, tap the “Add Friends” button below.

    Friends Added

    We will continue to provide improvements so that developers can code more easily.

  • 2016/04/18

    Let's Encrypt and StartSSL CA has been added

    SSL CA root certificates for Let's Encrypt and StartSSL have been added for BOT API callback URL.

    See the "Note" in the Registering a callback URL section to find a link to the full list of authorized CAs.

  • 2016/04/15

    Changes to the LINE Developers site

    To our valued partner developers, we have updated the LINE Developers site due to the release of the Business Center and BOT API.


    • Arranged sections based on features or APIs
    • Sections now only contain APIs that are related to that particular section
    • Top page has been updated
    • BOT API section has been added
    • Javascript SDK section is now called Channel Web Applications
    • Other minor fixes