# News: Articles for 2018/07

Quick reply released

We have released the quick reply feature for messages sent through the Messaging API. When a user receives a message that contains quick reply buttons, those buttons appear at the bottom of the chat screen. The user can simply tap one of the buttons to reply to your bot.

Quick reply sample

The quick reply feature is supported on LINE 8.11.0 and later for iOS and Android.

For more information, see Using quick replies.

The maximum number of LIFF apps has been increased

Now you can add up to 30 LIFF apps for one channel. The previous maximum number was 10.

For more information, see Add LIFF app in the LIFF API reference documentation.

An important message for our users in Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia

Important notice concerning LINE Official Accounts, LINE@ accounts, Business Connect accounts, and Customer Connect accounts The following message applies to our users in Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. LINE Corporation will be collecting information from LINE Official Accounts, LINE@ accounts, Business Connect accounts, and Customer Connect accounts (OAs) in order to improve our services. You must agree to these terms by September 2, 2018.

Log in to LINE@ Manager

With these revised terms, we will work on improving services requested by OA users, such as visualization of delivery performance through message views, click counts, video views, etc. and targeting delivery based on user response logs to messages.

Clova Extensions Kit released

We have released the Clova Extensions Kit that allows you to develop skills for Clova, AI assistant from LINE. We have also released the Clova Developer Center for tutorials and documentation in Japanese.

Clova Developer Center

Now you can create skill channels in the LINE Developers console.

For more information, refer to the documentation on the Clova Developer Center.

Introducing the redesigned LINE Developers site

We are excited to introduce our new, redesigned LINE Developers site. We hope that this renewal will improve developer experience, making it easier to use the LINE Platform products. There are no major changes in the console functionality. Here, we'll take you through some of the key changes to the site.

# Changes in the console

  • We have added the provider list screen so that you can easily select the provider of the channel that you want to configure.
  • Now the role of the logged-in user is displayed in the provider and channel lists.
  • You can quickly access tools such as Flex Message Simulator and Bot Designer through the tool list in the navigation bar.

# Changes in the documentation site

  • Each page has breadcrumbs at the top so that you can easily keep track of the page structure.
  • The new navigation bar allows easier access to the API reference for each product. You can also browse the API reference within the feature guide as before.
  • Each page of the feature guides has a table of contents on the right side so that you can quickly move across sections.

# Conclusion

We will continue to make improvements to the LINE Developers site and our developer documentation to make it easier for you to develop apps using our products.

If you want to keep up-to-date with our latest developments, add the LINE Developers Official Account as a friend on LINE using the QR code or the button below.

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