# News: LINE SDK 5.0.0 released

LINE SDK 5.0.0 released

The LINE SDKs 5.0.0 for Android, iOS Swift, and iOS Objective-C have been released. For installation and usage instructions, see the following guides:

# Changes

# LINE Login v2.1 and Social API v2.1 are supported

You can set permissions to be granted to your app as scopes when users log in to your app with LINE Login. By setting scopes, you can get ID tokens when you get access tokens. Those tokens contain user information according to the scopes you set with the login request.

You can display an option to add your bot as a friend to users logging in to your app. You can get the friendship status between users and your bot with login responses and the Social API.

# New SDK version in Swift

Developed in Swift, the LINE SDK for iOS Swift provides a modern way of implementing LINE APIs. The LINE SDK 5.0.0 for iOS Objective-C is the last version of our Objective-C SDK.

# Open-source SDK

The LINE SDK for Android and iOS Swift are open-sourced. Visit the following repositories to check the provided code and samples.

# Detailed reference

Now you can access detailed reference based on the source code. For more information, see the following references: