# News: Articles for 2019/12

Notice about service outage for LINE Login (resolved)

We want to inform you about a service outage regarding LINE Login. The issue has now been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

# Date and time of outage

Date: 2019/12/19 Time: 19:10-19:32 JST (GMT+9)

# Cause

Issue with our servers.

# Details

LINE Login and LIFF operations were unstable and did not work properly.

LINE will continue to improve the quality of its services to prevent future outages. Thank you for your understanding.

mode property added to Messaging API webhook events

We've added the mode property to all Messaging API webhook events.

The mode property is necessary for the channel multiplexing feature (under development). Now, all existing webhook events contain "mode": "active".

The mode property's value can change to standby if the channel administrator starts using channel multiplexing. The value of mode never automatically changes to standby.

Learn more about the mode property by reading about the Common properties of webhook events in the Messaging API reference.

LINE SDK v4.x content removed

As announced on September 13, 2019, we've removed all content related to LINE SDK v4.x from this site. We've also redirected any paths still pointing to the removed content to these pages:

Problem with channel statistics in console (resolved)

There was an issue with the Statistics tab for Messaging API channels on the LINE Developers console. Due to an inconsistency in how the system handled timezones, the tab appeared to show different data for certain days than the TSV file that you can generate by clicking Download as TSV.

This problem only affected users outside the JST timezone, and only affected the presentation of the data. No data was deleted or damaged. you'll be able to retrieve and display all data as normal.

# Issue time

Issue inception: November 26, 2019

Issue solved: December 18, 2019

The issue has now been resolved, so you may retrieve and display all data as normal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

A stay event was added to beacon event

In the Messaging API beacon event, a stay event has been added to indicate that the user is staying in the covered area of the beacon.

If you wish to use the stay event, please contact us at LINE for Business.

New LINE Login notification message

When a user logs in to a site that uses LINE Login v2.1, the content of the notification from the Official LINE account will be different.

Before, the notification differed depending on the login method that was used. Starting December 9th, 2019, the notification content will be consistent regardless of how the user logs in.

LINE Login notification message

dummy dummy
Successful login We've detected a login to X on Y (Z).
IP address: {ip_address}
Location: {Location}
If this wasn't you, you can log out here: {device_link}
We also recommend changing your password via the following link:
Failed login We've detected an unsuccessful login attempt to X on Y (Z).
IP address: {ip_address}
Location: {Location}
If this wasn't you, you can check which devices are logged into your account here: {device_link}
We also recommend changing your password via the following link:

Note that (Z) represents a URL and may sometimes be omitted.

# Target users

For all LINE users that log in to a site using LINE Login v2.1.

New property added to "sticker message" webhook event

We added a new stickerResourceType property to the webhook event that notifies you when a sticker message is sent.

Use this property to see what type of sticker was sent (still image, animated sticker, sticker with sound, etc.).

Learn more from the Sticker section of the Messaging API reference.

LINE TV API documentation released

LINE TV is a video streaming service available in Thailand. Today, we released the English version of the LINE TV documentation. We are currently not planning to translate it to other languages.

While LINE TV is only available in Thailand, you can call the APIs from anywhere in the world.