# News: Introducing the redesigned LINE Developers site

Introducing the redesigned LINE Developers site

We're excited to introduce our new, redesigned LINE Developers site. We believe this update makes it easier to use the LINE Platform products and find the documentation you need.

Here are the key changes to the site:

# Pages load faster

The site is now a single-page application running on VuePress, resulting in much shorter page load times than before.

# Better readability

We've improved the responsive design of the API reference. The layout adapts to the size of your screen, making it easier to read API arguments and sample code.

As you type your search terms, suggestions appear instantly, helping you find the information you need more quickly.

Search Results

Note: Although the new search is faster, it only returns results based on page titles and headings. We'll collect internal feedback over the coming weeks to see if people are satisfied with this new search, or we need to adjust it.

(We're working hard to bring the user feedback form from the old site to the new site.)

# What's next?

In addition to bringing back the user feedback form, we'll continue looking for ways to make it easier for you to use the LINE Developers site and documentation.

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