# News: liff.shareTargetPicker() and liff.ready added to LIFF v2


liff.shareTargetPicker() and liff.ready added to LIFF v2

We added liff.shareTargetPicker() and liff.ready to LIFF v2.

# liff.shareTargetPicker()

Execute the liff.shareTargetPicker() method to display the target picker (screen for selecting a group or friend) and send the message created by the developer to the selected target. This message appears to your group or friends as if you had sent it.

target picker

For more information, see Sending messages to a user's friend (share target picker) in the LIFF documentation.

Target picker operating environment

Target picker is supported by LINE 10.3.0 for iOS and Android.

# liff.ready

With liff.ready, you can get the Promise object that resolves when you run liff.init() for the first time after starting the LIFF app. If you use liff.ready, you can execute any process after the completion of liff.init().

For more information, see liff.ready in the LIFF v2 API reference.