# News: New feature will be added to the LIFF header

New feature will be added to the LIFF header

We plan to make changes to the LIFF header specifications after mid-July 2020.

LIFF header design to be improved

# The LIFF app icon will no longer be displayed

The icon in the upper left corner of the LIFF app will no longer be displayed.

# The share button will be added

LIFF apps with the size of the LIFF app view set to Full will include a share button in the header. When a user taps the share button, the following options will appear:

Items Description
Share Shares the URL of the current page via a LINE message.
Refresh Reloads the current page.

You can hide the share button by changing the settings of the LIFF app in the LINE Developers Console. This option will be added in the future.

Operating environment

The share button will be available on LINE versions 10.12.0 or later for iOS and Android.

# Scheduled date of specification change

The specification change is scheduled to take place in mid-July 2020 or later.

The content and date of the specification change is subject to change without notice. We will continue to improve the quality of the services we provide to our developers and we greatly appreciate your understanding.