# News: Improved Messaging API reference and side menu

Improved Messaging API reference and side menu

The LINE Developers site's Messaging API reference page, due to the large amount of endpoints, was long and difficult to navigate.

We received feedback about the navigation pain points developers faced while navigating the Messaging API reference page. In response, we've made these improvements to provide a better user experience.

# You only see the categories you select

All endpoints are divided into categories such as Webhooks and OAuth.

You can see the overview for each category and select Show to display the category's endpoints.

Messaging API Webhooks overview

# Side menu shows current page location

When you scroll through the page, the highlighted location on the side menu automatically reflects your current location in green.

For example, when you scroll through the page and see the "response" section under the "Webhooks" category, "response" under "Webhooks" is also highlighted in the side menu.

Webhook location on page is reflected in side menu

If you're lost on the page, you can now refer to the side menu to find your location.

Developers who use the browser's in-page search should use the built-in search function to find the endpoint. You can search endpoints by title search or full-text search.

Search for an endpoint

# Tell us your thoughts about the LINE Developers site

If you use the new Messaging API Reference and notice issues or find it difficult to use, select "Was this page helpful?" in the bottom right corner and let us know.

Feedback form title

Thanks to everyone for their valuable feedback. We read each message we receive.

We will continue to improve the quality of the services we provide to our developers. Thank you for your understanding.