# News: [Updated] Messaging API update for August 2020

[Updated] Messaging API update for August 2020

We've added new webhook events and an API endpoint to the Messaging API.

These are the features added in this update:

# Unsend event has been added

In addition to existing webhook events, such as join, leave, and send messages, a new "Unsend event" has been added, which indicates that the message has been cancelled.

# Video viewing complete event has been added

A new "Video viewing complete event" has been added. This event occurs when a user finishes watching a video with a trackingId property for video identification.

# The audiences property is now optional instead of required for a certain endpoint

The audiences property has been changed from required to optional for the following endpoint.

This spec change allows you to prepare an audience by creating an audience with no recipient specified first, and then adding user IDs or IFAs to the audience later.

# Recipients of an audience can be now specified by file

You can now specify the recipients of an audience by file.