# News: LIFF v2.3.3 released

LIFF v2.3.3 released

We've released LIFF v2.3.3.
This bug has been fixed in LIFF v2.3.3:

There are no feature updates in this release.

# Fixed a bug that redirects users to unintended URLs when the endpoint URL ends with /

Under these conditions, accessing a LIFF URL causes a redirect to an unintended URL with a double path separator (//).

  • The URL specified in Endpoint URL contains a path and ends in /. Example: https://example.com/campaign/
  • Methods for converting additional information in the LIFF URL is set to Concatenate.
  • The LIFF URL contains a path (/path). Example: https://liff.line.me/{liffId}/path

In LIFF v2.3.3, the bug has been fixed so that the user is redirected to the correct URL even under the above conditions.

Item LIFF URL Primary redirect URL Secondary redirect URL
Before spec change https://liff.line.me/{liffId}/path https://example.com/campaign/?liff.state={urlEncode(/path)} https://example.com/campaign//path
After spec change https://liff.line.me/{liffId}/path https://example.com/campaign?liff.state={urlEncode(path)} https://example.com/campaign/path
Impact on other versions
  • If you are using LIFF v2.3.x, we recommend that you update to this patch version.
  • This bug has already been fixed in LIFF v2.4.1.

For more information on what happens when accessing LIFF URLs, see Operation from accessing LIFF URL to opening LIFF App in the LIFF documentation.