# News: LIFF v2.7.1 released

LIFF v2.7.1 released

We've released LIFF v2.7.1.

This bug has been fixed in LIFF v2.7.1:

# Fixed a bug that might prevent LIFF apps using LIFF v2.7.0 from launching in external browsers

We’ve fixed a bug that might cause LIFF apps using LIFF v2.7.0 to fail to launch when opened in external browsers. In LIFF v2.7.1, the LIFF app can launch correctly in external browsers.

When already using LIFF v2.7.0

If you are already using LIFF v2.7.0, we recommend that you update your LIFF apps to LIFF v2.7.1.

When you are using the CDN edge path (https://static.line-scdn.net/liff/edge/2/sdk.js), it will be automatically updated to v2.7.1. When you are using the CDN fixed path or the npm package version of LIFF SDK, update it to LIFF v2.7.1 manually.

For more information about the different ways to embed the LIFF SDK, see Integrating the LIFF SDK with the LIFF app in the LIFF documentation.