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Flex Message Simulator tutorial now available

We published our first tutorial about using the Flex Message Simulator.

Following this tutorial, you will obtain hands-on experience and knowledge about how to use the Flex Message Simulator. By the end of the tutorial, you will have created this digital business card using Flex Message:

Final Output

We encourage you to take this opportunity to learn to use the Flex Message Simulator and create your own unique Flex Message.

Flex Message Simulator Update 1 (β) released

We released Flex Message Simulator Update 1 (β). This version contains sample Flex Messages with more sophisticated layouts based on the new features of Flex Message Update 1.


We can't guarantee that the appearance of a Flex Message in Flex Message Simulator Update 1 (β) exactly matches the rendering on a target device. A single Flex Message may be rendered differently from device to device. Factors that affect rendering include OS, LINE version, screen resolution, language setting, and fonts.

Flex Message Simulator Update 1 (β)

Flex Message Update 1 examples

Flex Message Update 1 released

We've added new Flex Message properties. As a result, you can use the rich expressive power of HTML and CSS in Flex Messages. For details, see Sending Flex Messages.

Flex Message example

Flex Message is now available on your desktop

Flex Message is now available on your desktop.

The feature is supported on LINE 5.9.0 for macOS and Windows.

In addition, we have added the following new Flex Message properties so that you can create messages in a more flexible way.

  • action property of the box
  • maxLines property of the text

For more information, see the following pages:

Flex Message released

We have released Flex Message, a new message type for the Messaging API. Flex Messages are messages with a customizable layout. You can customize the layout freely by combining multiple elements.

Flex Message samples

Flex Messages are only supported on LINE 6.7.0 and later for iOS and Android.

For more information, see Sending Flex Messages.