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LINE Blockchain Platform is now available

The LINE Blockchain Platform, which consists of these three components, is now available.

# LINE Blockchain

LINE Blockchain is a blockchain platform developed and operated by LINE with performance and reliability designed to serve and withstand hundreds of millions of LINE users.

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# LINE Blockchain Developers

LINE Blockchain Developers provides the console and APIs for services using LINE Blockchain. Using this service, developers can easily navigate through the console and develop in a familiar environment.

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# BITMAX Wallet

BITMAX Wallet is an integrated wallet that allows users to store and transfer digital assets of LINE Blockchain services. Users can retrieve information on their assets on LINE Blockchain or send assets to others. Service providers must integrate BITMAX Wallet to their own services to let the users access or transfer their assets within the services.

As BITMAX Wallet uses LINE accounts, the assigned user wallets are mapped on a one on one basis to the user’s LINE account. Once registered to BITMAX Wallet, users can select a chain and browse either Cashew based tokens or Daphne based tokens.

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