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New properties for template messages and postback actions released

# Default actions can now be set for template messages

The defaultAction property has been added to the column object for buttons and carousel template messages. As a result, you can indicate a single action to be executed when a user taps anywhere in the image, title, or text area.

For more information, see the updated reference documentation below.

# displayText property for postback actions released

We have released the displayText property and have deprecated the text property for postback actions. We recommend using displayText instead of the text property. Note that the dislayText and text properties cannot both be used at the same time.

For more information, see the Postback action reference documentation.

New options for template message images

We have released imageAspectRatio, imageSize, and imageBackgroundColor fields for Buttons and Carousel template messages. Using these fields, you can configure the aspect ratio, size, and background color for images used in template messages. For more information, see the reference documentation below.

Column objects for template messages increased

We've increased the number of column objects that you can include in your carousel and image carousel template messages from 5 to 10 objects.

For more information, see the updated reference documentation below.

New template message features released

We have released the following features for the Messaging API.

The image carousel template lets you send multiple images in a single message that users can cycle through like a carousel. You can then set template actions for when an image is tapped.

For more information, see the image carousel reference.

# Datetime picker action

With the datetime picker template action, you can provide an easy way for users to pick a date and time without having to type it in manually. The datetime picker action can be used in any type of template message and returns a postback event when the action is tapped.

Note: The datetime picker action is supported on LINE 7.9.0 and later for iOS and 7.12.0 and higher for Android.

For more information, see the datetime picker action reference.