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# Community contribution guidelines

The following guidelines are used to review submissions from third party developers who would like to have their project added to our list of Community SDKs.

Make sure you have read the guidelines and the Community Program Agreement (opens new window) before Submitting your project.

# General guidelines for third party contributions

  1. Documentation
    • Must have an English README
    • Documentation and comments in other languages are recommended if available but not required
  2. License
  3. Functionality
  4. Quality
    • Includes tests with coverage of most methods
  5. Security
  6. Updates
    • Supports the latest version of the Messaging API. Projects which do not support the latest version for over 2 months will be removed from the list.

# Messaging API resources

  • POST
  • POST
  • POST
  • GET{messageId}/content
  • GET{userId} 
  • GET{groupId}/member/{userId} 
  • GET{groupId}/members/ids
  • POST{groupId}/leave
  • POST{groupId}/leave
  • GET{roomId}/members/ids
  • POST{roomId}/leave

# Submitting your project

Once you have confirmed that your project complies with our guidelines and have read our Community Program Agreement (opens new window), send an email with a link to your project to

Your project will be added to our Community SDKs upon passing our review.