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Service message template tab of the LINE MINI App channel updated

The [Service message template] tab of the LINE MINI App channel has been updated.

You can select a template and add it to your LINE MINI App channel while viewing the preview of the service message.

Service message template

You can also enter a JSON object to see the preview or send a test message.

Send Test Message

For more information, see Sending service messages.

LINE MINI App docs and entry point of contact opened

LINE MINI App opened its documents and entry point of contact.

# What is LINE MINI App?

LINE MINI App is a web application that runs on LINE.

With LINE MINI App, users can use various services without having to install separate apps.

LINE MINI App provides even more features than the existing LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) App, including the ability to send a message called a "service message" to a special talk room.

Service Message

For details, see Discover LINE MINI App.

# How to develop LINE MINI App

In order to develop a LINE MINI App and provide it to your users, you must create a LINE MINI App Channel in the LINE Developers Console.

Currently, only developers of services that have applied to Enroll in the LINE MINI App Development Program and have passed the pre-examination are allowed to create a LINE MINI App Channel.

Please take this opportunity to Enroll in the LINE MINI App Development Program.

# LINE MINI App Development Documents

Please see the below information necessary for LINE MINI App development.