LINE Things


LINE Things LINE Things provides a platform where devices, users, and services connect through LINE creating a richer experience for users and new service possibilities for device makers.

  • Closing the Distance

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved and developed, industrial applications have grown along with it. But despite much progress, the distance between users and IoT devices remains far apart.

    The LINE Things mission is to close this distance so that users can enjoy better lives through the benefits of IoT technologies and their related services.

  • Our Solution

    Using our well-established mobile platform, we provide both users and service providers an easy way to integrate IoT and communication.

    LINE Things connects with our other services – such as chatbots, social login, LINE Beacon, and LINE Pay – to enrich the user experience with IoT devices.

  • Looking for Visionaries

    We are looking for partners who share our vision for IoT and who want to work with us to create a better future.

    We believe in working closely with our partners, ensuring that their voices are an important part of the future that we are creating together.