Class Index - LINE SDK v5.4.1 for Android





LineAccessToken Represents an access token that is used to call the Social API. 
LineApiClient An API client that provides you with access to the LINE Social API to perform operations such as getting the current access token, getting the user profile, logging out the user, refreshing the access token, and verifying the access token. 
LineApiClientBuilder Represents a builder for creating LineApiClient objects with the desired settings. 
LineApiError Represents an error that is thrown by the Social API. 
LineApiResponse<R> Represents a response from the Social API. 
LineApiResponseCode Represents a response code returned from the LINE Platform. 
LineAuthenticationParams Represents a container to hold necessary parameters for performing LINE Login, including permission scopes and the option to determine how to prompt the user to add a bot as a friend during the login process. 
LineAuthenticationParams.BotPrompt Represents an option to determine how to prompt the user to add a bot as a friend during the login process. 
LineAuthenticationParams.Builder Represents a builder to construct LineAuthenticationParams objects. 
LineCredential Represents credentials that are used to grant access to the Social API. 
LineFriendshipStatus Represents the friendship status between a bot and a user. 
LineIdToken Represents an ID token that contains the user's information. 
LineLoginApi Represents the API that performs LINE Login. 
LineLoginResult Represents a login result that is returned from the LINE Platform. 
LineProfile Represents a user's LINE profile in the Social API. 
LoginButton A button widget that simplifies the login flow. 
LoginDelegate Delegates the login result to the internal login handler. 
LoginDelegate.Factory Represents a factory that creates objects that implement the LoginDelegate interface. 
LoginListener Represents a listener for the login result. 


Scope Represents a scope.