Provides generic data classes.


LoginDelegate Delegates the login result to the internal login handler. 
LoginListener Represents a listener for the login result. 


LineAccessToken Represents an access token that is used to call the Social API. 
LineApiError Represents an error that is thrown by the Social API. 
LineApiResponse<R> Represents a response from the Social API. 
LineCredential Represents credentials that are used to grant access to the Social API. 
LineFriendshipStatus Represents the friendship status between a bot and a user. 
LineIdToken Represents an ID token that contains the user's information. 
LineProfile Represents a user's LINE profile in the Social API. 
LoginDelegate.Factory Represents a factory that creates objects that implement the LoginDelegate interface. 
Scope Represents a scope. 


LineApiResponseCode Represents a response code returned from the LINE Platform.