# LINE Ads API development guidelines

Follow the development guidelines below when developing using LINE Ads API:

# Prohibiting mass requests to the LINE Platform

Don't send a large number of requests to the LINE Platform for the purpose of load testing or operation testing.

Don't send requests beyond the specified rate limits for any purpose. For more information about rate limits, see Ad Tech API documentation (opens new window) and Data Provider API documentation (opens new window).


If you send requests exceeding the rate limit, you will receive an error message saying, 429 Too Many Requests.

# Prohibiting requests for non-existent IDs

When sending a request, don't specify a non-existent ID (Ad account ID, Ad ID, etc.).

# Saving logs

We recommend saving logs for requests to API for a certain period of time so that developers themselves can smoothly investigate the cause and scope of a problem when it occurs.

# Logs for LINE Ads API request

We recommend saving the following information as a log when making a request to LINE Ads API:

  • Time of API request
  • Request method
  • API endpoint
  • Status code returned in response by the LINE Platform

More specifically, save it in a log file using the following format.

Time of API request Request method API Endpoint Status code
Mon, 05 Jul 2022 08:14:35 GMT GET https://ads.line.me/api/v3/codes/ssps 200