# About LINE Developers site

LY Corporation provides an API (hereafter called LINE API) that enables external companies and developers to connect with LY Corporation services. The LINE Developers site (https://developers.line.biz/) provides developers with documents explaining the specifications and development procedures of the LINE API.

For example, suppose a developer wants to add a "LINE Login" button to an EC site run by their company so that end users can easily log in using their LINE accounts. The LINE Developers site publishes documents and API references so that the developer could implement the feature seamlessly without running into technical issues such as not knowing the implementation process.

LINE Developers site's contents Description
News Notifies you of the LINE Platform updates and outage information.
Products Briefly introduces the characteristics and overview of each service.
Documentation Documents and API references that describe development procedures and specifications for each service.
FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about LINE API.
Glossary Glossary of terms related to LINE API.
LINE Developers Console Management screen for developers. For more information, see LINE Developers Console overview in the LINE Developers Console documentation.

There are related sites to the LINE Developers site that you could use alongside depending on the purpose.

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