# Overview

LINE provides the following features to third-party developers through the LINE Platform:

  • A feature that authenticates users with the credentials of their LINE account (LINE Login)
  • A feature that enables exchanging of LINE messages with users (Messaging API)

By creating a Channel for using the features on a managing tool called LINE Developers Console, developers are given permission to use the features provided through the LINE Platform.

LINE Developers Console Login

On the LINE Developers Console, you can manage Developer, Provider, and Channel.


# Developer

On the LINE Developers site, someone who accesses the LINE Developers Console is referred to as a Developer.

When you register developers on providers and channels, you can control the information that each developer can view or edit on the LINE Developers Console.

For example, you can assign roles on a channel created by one developer to another developer. For details on assigning roles, see Managing roles.

Restrictions for assigning roles in the Messaging API channel

If one developer already manages 100 Messaging API channels, you cannot add the developer to another Messaging API channel created by another developer.

# Provider

On the LINE Developers site, an individual developer, company, or organization that provides service and acquires information of users to that end is referred to as a Service provider.

A service provider is registered as a Provider on the LINE Developers Console.

# Creating a provider

  1. From the Providers page on the Console home, click the Create button.

  2. Enter your desired Provider name in the Create a new provider screen, and confirm by clicking Create.

  • The provider name is displayed on the user consent screen. The user identifies the service provider based on the provider name. Therefore, provider names should not be temporary names (e.g. brand names used only in your organization, project names, etc.).

    Sample Provider

  • When you are providing service as a company or organization, create a provider using the name of the company or organization.

  • A channel used by the service provider must be created within the same provider.

# Deleting a provider

Based on your provider role, you can delete your provider by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the Settings tab. For information on provider roles, see Provider roles.

# Certified provider

You can display your certified provider badge on the user consent screen.

Certified Provider Badge

A certified provider badge signifies that LINE has confirmed the authenticity of the service provider that created the provider. LINE checks the following:

  • Whether the organization is a real entity
  • Whether the application was submitted by someone who belongs to the organization (or a representative)
  • Whether the organization has an established privacy policy that has been disclosed
Required procedure for displaying the certified provider badge

The certified provider badge can only be displayed by corporate users who have submitted a specified application. If you wish to display a certified provider badge, contact your sales representative, or submit your inquiry to Sales Partners (opens new window).

  • The certified provider badge does not indicate LINE's support or warranty for the service provided by the service provider.
  • In order to change a certified provider name, you must submit an application for review to LINE.

# Channel

Channel enables service providers to use the features provided by the LINE platform.

In order to develop a service that uses the LINE Platform, you must create a channel.


LINE platform uses the credentials associated with the channel to confirm that the developer has permission to use the LINE platform.

Prohibitions set for protecting user information

When using the LINE platform for multiple services, don't link the LINE user information obtained from each individual service.

# Creating a Channel

  1. From the Channels tab on your provider page, choose the channel type you would like to create. These types of channels can be created on the LINE Developers Console:

    Type Description
    LINE Login You can use LINE Account credentials to authenticate users of the service you develop.
    Messaging API You can use the bot you develop to exchange messages with users.
    CLOVA Skill You can use the new CLOVA Skill you develop to provide new services through the CLOVA device. For more information, see the Clova Developer Center documentation (opens new window) (Japanese only).
    Blockchain Service You can provide a service that uses blockchain service. For more information, see LINE Blockchain Docs (opens new window).
    LINE MINI App You can provide a service through a LINE MINI App without developing a native app.
  2. Enter your channel name along with any required/optional information, and click Create.

  3. (Only for Messaging API channels) Confirm the "Channel name," "Official Account name," and "Provider" are displayed, and click OK.

  4. (Only for Messaging API channels) Read through and accept the secrecy of communication agreement.

Precautions for using LINE Login channel
  • Immediately after you create a LINE Login channel, the channel is set to Developing mode.
  • When the channel is set to Developing, only the developers who are registered as the channel Admin or Tester can use LINE Login.
  • In order to let the end user use LINE Login, set the LINE Login channel to Published.
Precautions for developing services that link multiple channels
  • When developing a service that links the Messaging API channel with the LINE Login channel, create each channel within the same provider.
  • A LINE user who uses services provided by developers is given a different user ID for each different provider. A user ID can't be used to verify whether it's the same user across channels that use different providers.
  • You can't switch to another provider after creating a channel.

# Deleting a channel

Based on your channel role, you can delete your channel by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the Basic Settings tab.

For information on channel roles, see Channel roles.

# The number of channels that can be created

You can create up to 100 channels per provider. The 101st channel cannot be created.

Restrictions to the LINE Official Account Manager

With LINE Official Account Manager, you can create up to 100 LINE Official Accounts per account.