# Receive notifications via email or the notification center

From the notifications center of the LINE Developers Console, you can receive various updates in real time. These are the notifications you can receive:

Notification Overview
Important announcements Notifies you of important announcements regarding the LINE Platform
Activity Your activities on the LINE Developers Console
News Announcements from the LINE Developers site
Channel activity Activities relating to channels that you are an admin of
Provider activity Activities relating to providers that you are an admin of

# Configure notification types and reception methods

You can configure the types and reception methods of your notifications. Go to your profile in the LINE Developers Console and, in the Settings section, toggle the slider on (right) or off (left) next to the notification option to enable or disable that setting. Note that Important announcements can't be turned off.

Settings section of the profile of the LINE Developers console

Notification email

Your email address registered in your LINE Developers Console profile must be verified to receive email notifications. If the email address in your profile is labeled as Your email is not yet verified, click on Get Verification Link to verify your email address.

You will only receive email notifications for the notification settings you enabled.

# Check notifications

To display the notification center, click on the bell icon in the top-right corner of the LINE Developers Console. If there are unread notifications, there will be a green dot next to the icon.

Notification center icon of the LINE Developers Console

If you click on this icon, you will see the notification center. From here, your can check recent updates and activities.

The dropdown menu of the notification center of the LINE Developers Console