# List of available stickers

You can send only the stickers listed in Sticker definitions below as Sticker messages via the Messaging API. For more information about how to send sticker messages, see Sending messages.

What if you want to send a sticker that isn't on the sticker definitions?
  • You can send a sticker that you own on your LINE account from "Chats" in the LINE Official Account Manager (opens new window) or the LINE Official Account Manager App. For more information, see Chats (opens new window) (only available in Japanese) in LINE for Business.
  • Only corporate users who have submitted the required applications can use the functions to send stickers owned by the company (sponsored stickers, creators' stickers, etc.). To send these stickers from your LINE Official Account, contact your sales representative or contact our Sales partners (opens new window).

# Specify a sticker in the sticker message object

Specify the package ID and sticker ID of the sticker you want to use in the packageId and stickerId properties of the sticker message object. For more information on the sticker message object, see Sticker message in the Messaging API reference.

Specify the package ID and sticker ID in the sticker message object

# Sticker definitions

The number below each sticker indicates its sticker ID.

Package ID:

[en] Brown and Cony Fun Size Pack
[th] บราวน์ & โคนี่ เวอร์ชั่นตัวจิ๋ว

Package ID:

[en] Brown & Cony & Sally: Animated Special
[ja] 動くブラウン&コニー&サリー スペシャル