# Using audiences

Audiences is a feature to perform advanced targeting.

By creating an audience, you can send messages to users who opened a message or clicked a URL in a message.


Only Japanese (JP), Thai (TH), and Taiwanese (TW) users with LINE Official Accounts can create audiences.

You must complete additional application forms to specify recipients using Identifiers for Advertisers (IFAs)

You can use IFAs to specify recipients, but this feature is only available to corporate users who have completed certain applications. To use it with your LINE Official Account, contact your sales representative or contact our Sales partners (opens new window).

# Creating audiences

You can create the following audiences with Messaging API.

Audience Description
Audience for uploading user IDs A set of users that can be identified by user IDs or IFA (Identifier For Advertisers)
Audience for click-based retargeting A set of users that clicked a URL in a message sent in the past
Audience for impression-based retargeting A set of users that opened a message sent in the past

You can't create a chat tag audience, friend path audience, reservation audience, web traffic audience, app event audience, video view audience, or image click audience with the Messaging API.

We've set a limit on the number of concurrent endpoint operations

We've set a limit on the number of concurrent endpoint operations per audience ID (audienceGroupId), for creating an audience for uploading user IDs and adding user IDs to an audience. For more information, see Limit on the number of concurrent operations.

# Using audiences

You can use the audiences to send narrowcast messages. For more details, see Sending messages to multiple users via attribute data or retargeting (narrowcast messages).

# About audience sharing

Audiences you've created with Messaging API can be used with LINE Official Account Manager (opens new window) or LINE Ad Manager (opens new window). We call this audience sharing. For example, you can use chat tag audience or friend path audience with the Messaging API because we offer the audience sharing feature.

If you don't use audience sharing, change your audience's authority level to PRIVATE. Learn more about Changing audience's authority level in the Messaging API reference.

# About audience's specifications

Audience's specifications are as follows:

Item Limit
The number of audiences per channel Max limit: 1,000
Retention period of an audience Up to 180 days (15,552,000 seconds)
The number of user IDs or IFAs you can upload to an audience for uploading user IDs per request When using JSON: Max limit: 10,000
When using file: Max limit: 1,500,000
The number of users per audience
  • Audience for uploading user IDs: No limit
  • Audience for click-based retargeting: Minimum 50
  • Audience for impression-based retargeting: Minimum 50
The period during which the retargeting audience* can be created after the message is sent Maximum 60 days (5,184,000 seconds)

* Audience for click-based retargeting and audience for impression-based retargeting.

Learn more from Usage restrictions of narrowcast messages.