Using beacons

With LINE Beacon, your bot can receive beacon webhook events whenever a LINE user enters or leaves the proximity of a beacon. Using beacons, you can customize your bot to interact with users in specific contexts.

Note: LINE Beacon is available in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Getting a beacon

To use LINE Beacon, you'll first need a Bluetooth® Low Energy beacon to link with your bot. You can link one of the following types of devices with your bot.

  • A beacon device that supports LINE Beacon. Supported devices are available here. Note: These devices are only supported in Japan.
  • A Bluetooth Low Energy device that uses the LINE Simple Beacon specification.

Linking your bot with a beacon

To link your bot with a beacon, go to the beacon registration page on LINE@ Manager. You can either link a LINE Beacon supported device with your bot or issue a LINE Simple Beacon hardware ID for a device.

Note: You can link multiple beacons with a single bot. However, a single beacon cannot be linked with multiple bots.

Receiving webhook events

For your bot to receive beacon webhook events when a user is detected by the beacon, the user must have Bluetooth and the LINE Beacon setting on LINE turned on. The user must also have also added a your bot as a friend.

To trigger a beacon webhook event, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure that your smartphone has Bluetooth turned on
  2. Select Use LINE Beacon from Settings > Privacy on LINE
  3. Make sure that the beacon is turned on and bring your smartphone into its range
  4. Confirm that your bot receives a beacon event object

Example beacon event object


For more information, see beacon event.

Beacon banner

The beacon banner feature is only available to enterprise users.

The beacon banner is a banner that appears above the "Friends" or "Chats" screen when a user is detected by a beacon. With the beacon banner feature, you can let users turn on "LINE Beacon" on LINE, add your bot as a friend, and receive a message from your bot by tapping on the banner.

Beacon banner

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