Sharing your bot with users

Once you have created your bot (LINE@ account), you'll want to share your bot with users and increase the number of followers. The following are several ways for you to increase the visibility of your bot.

Share the QR code of your bot

You can share the QR code of your bot on your website or in a printed format to let users easily add your bot as a friend by scanning the code.

Find the QR code image in the "Channel settings" page of the LINE Developers console or in the "Basic Account Settings" page of the "Settings" section in LINE@ Manager. You can paste the HTML snippet found in LINE@ Manager to your website to display the QR code.

LINE Developers console > Channel settings > QR code
QR code console

LINE@ Manager > Settings > Basic account settings > QR code
QR code LINE@ Manager

Share the LINE ID of your bot

By sharing the LINE ID of your bot, users can search and add your bot as a friend on LINE. You can find the LINE ID of your bot, which starts with the "@" symbol, on LINE@ Manager at the top left or in the "Registered Information" page in the "Account Information" section.

Note that you can purchase a Premium ID to create a customized LINE ID that is easier for users to remember. For more information, see LINE@ Plans and Prices.


Encourage users to recommend your bot to friends on LINE

If a user has already added your bot, you can encourage the user to recommend your bot to friends on LINE using the following URL scheme.

  • line://nv/recommendOA/{LINE_id}

You can include this URL scheme in a URI action object in a rich menu or in template messages.

Recommend LINE Developers bot with rich menu

For more information on using this URL scheme, see Sharing your bot account.

Prompt users to add bot when logging in with LINE Login

If you are using LINE Login on your app or website, you can prompt users to add your bot as a friend during login by linking a bot to your LINE Login channel. You can choose to include an option in the consent screen or to open a separate "Add bot" screen after the user accepts the permissions.

For instructions on how link your bot with LINE Login, see Linking a bot with your LINE Login channel.

Consent screen with bot.