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LINE Login lets people easily create an account for your app or website using their LINE accounts. You can integrate LINE Login into your iOS, Android, or web app.

Get started with LINE Login


Integrate LINE Login into your website to make it easier for people to create an account and log in. With LINE Login, your users can automatically log in to your website if they are already logged in to LINE on their device. The authentication and authorization process is based on the OAuth 2.0 and OpenIDĀ® Connect protocols. For more information, see Integrating LINE Login.

For an example of how LINE Login can provide users with an improved experience, see the LINE STORE website.
LINE Login

Native apps

Use our SDKs to add LINE Login to your app and let LINE handle user authentication. When users are logged in to LINE on their mobile device, they are able to log in to your app without entering their email address and password. We offer SDKs for Android, iOS (Swift and Objective-C), and Unity:

The LINE Rangers game uses LINE Login to let users easily create an account for the game with their LINE accounts.

LINE Rangers 1 LINE Rangers 3

Next steps

To integrate LINE Login into your app, create a channel. For creating channels, see Getting started with LINE Login.

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