Getting started with LINE Login

To start using LINE Login, you must first create a channel on the LINE Developers console.

What's a channel?

A channel is a communication path for using the functions provided by the LINE Platform in the services developed by the provider. To use the LINE Platform, create a channel and associate your service with the channel. Channels must have a name, description, and icon image. When a channel is created, a unique channel ID is issued to identify the channel.

Creating a channel

Step 1: Log in to the console

Log in to the LINE Developers console with the email address and password of your LINE account or a QR Code displayed on the login screen.

Note: If you do not have a LINE account, download LINE and create your LINE account.

Log in to console

LINE Login dialog

Step 2: Register as a developer (only on first login)

Enter your name and email address to create a developer account on the LINE Developers console.

Developer registration

Step 3: Create a new provider

Enter a name for the provider. The provider is the entity that offers your app. For example, you can use your own name or the name of your company.

Create a provider

Step 4: Create a channel

Enter the required information for your channel.

  • "LINE" or a similar string cannot be included in the channel name.

Create a channel

Step 5: Confirm

Confirm that your channel was created.

Console home

Channel status

LINE Login channels have the "Developing" status when they are created. Only users with the Admin or Tester role can access channels with the "Developing" status. Before publishing your channel, test your app that implements LINE Login with the channel.

For more information about the roles, see Managing roles.

Publishing a channel

After you publish your channel, general users can log in to your app by using LINE Login.

You cannot set the channel status to "Developing" after you publish your channel. To prevent general users from accessing a published channel, delete the channel.

  1. Open your channel in the console and click Publish in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Channel status

    A dialog box opens asking if you're sure you want to publish the channel.

  2. Click Publish.

Next steps

You have now created a channel for your web app or native app.

Next, integrate LINE Login into your app. See the following topics according to your app type.

Trying the starter apps

Once you have created a channel, you can also see how LINE Login works using our starter apps. See the following topics according to your apps.

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