Getting started with LINE Login

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To start using LINE Login, you must first create a channel on the LINE Developers console.

What's a channel?

A channel is a communication path for using the functions provided by the LINE Platform in the services developed by the provider. To use the LINE Platform, create a channel and associate your service with the channel. Channels must have a name, description, and icon image. When a channel is created, a unique channel ID is issued to identify the channel.

Creating a channel

Step 1: Log in to the console

Log in to the LINE Developers console with the email address and password of your LINE account or a QR Code displayed on the login screen.

Note: If you do not have a LINE account, download LINE and create your LINE account.

Log in to console

LINE Login dialog

Step 2: Register as a developer (only on first login)

Enter your name and email address to create a developer account on the LINE Developers console.

Developer registration

Step 3: Create a new provider

Enter a name for the provider. The provider is the entity that offers your app. For example, you can use your own name or the name of your company.

Create a provider

Step 4: Create a channel

Enter the required information for your channel. "LINE" or a similar string cannot be included in the channel name.

Create a channel

Step 5: Confirm

Confirm that your channel was created.

Console home

Next steps

You have now created a channel for your app or website.

Next, integrate LINE Login into your app. See the following topics according to your app type.

Trying the starter apps

Once you have created a channel, you can also see how LINE Login works using our starter apps. See the following topics according to your apps.