Linking user accounts

By using the account link feature, providers (businesses and developers) can securely link the existing user accounts from their service with accounts belonging to LINE users that have friended providers' bot. This will allow providers to utilize the user information they've acquired and use LINE bots to provide even better services.

For example, the following services can be provided by linking user accounts on a shopping site with LINE user accounts:

  • send messages from a bot when the user purchases a product from the shopping site
  • accept and process orders when users send messages to a bot

Accounts can also be linked through LINE Login, but a LINE Login channel will also be required in order to do so. The account link feature can be implemented even when only the Messaging API is being used.


Please comply with the following two terms when using the account link feature:

  • you must provide the user with an unlinking feature
  • notify the user that there is an unlinking feature when he/she links his/her account

For example, you can use the Messaging API to change the rich menu shown to individual users. You could make it easy for users and provide the account link feature by showing an account link menu item to users that have not yet linked their accounts, and showing an unlinking menu item to those that have already linked their accounts.