# LINE emoji

Using the Messaging API, you can use LINE emoji in text messages. For instructions to send text messages, see Send messages.

"LINE original unicode emojis" is discontinued as of March 31, 2022

Instead of "LINE original unicode emojis", use LINE emoji with the emojis property. For more information, see the news from April 1, 2022, "LINE original unicode emojis" of the Messaging API has been discontinued as of March 31, 2022.

Supported emoji types in text messages

In text messages, you can use Unicode emoji in addition to LINE emoji.

Emoji type How to use
LINE emoji Specify the emoji's product ID and emoji ID in the emojis property.
Unicode emoji Specify the text property. Enter emoji as they are or enter Unicode code points.

# Use LINE emoji in text messages

To send an emoji, specify the product ID and emoji ID of the emoji in a text message object. As shown below, specify the emojis.productId and emojis.emojiId properties.

# LINE emoji definitions

The number attached to each LINE emoji is the emoji's emoji ID.