# LINE Social Plugins overview

LINE Social Plugins provides the tools you need to connect your webpages to LINE so that others can easily share or react to your content.

# Types of plug-ins

LINE Social Plugins provides plug-ins for the Share, Add friend, and Like buttons.

  1. Share button
    This button allows your website visitors to share your webpage links in LINE chats or save them in Keep.

  2. Add friend button
    This button enables your website visitors to add your LINE Official Account as their friend. Make sure that you have a LINE Official Account before you use this button.

  3. Like button
    This button allows your website visitors to easily like your content, helping you to measure your content performance.
    Note that the Like button may not work properly in Safari due to Apple's ITP policy.

# How it works

  1. A visitor to your website accesses your webpage, which incorporates LINE Social Plugin buttons.

2-3. Each button code is dynamically loaded to the webpage via the LINE Social Plugins SDK and displayed on the webpage.

  1. When the visitor clicks the Share button, they are directed to the LINE Social Plugins page. They must log in to LINE.

  2. Once they log in, they can share the webpage with friends.

How it works