# Messaging API SDKs

Our Messaging API SDKs include libraries, tools, and samples to make it easier for you to start developing bot apps with the Messaging API. Both the official SDKs and community SDKs are open-sourced and available in a variety of different programming languages.

# Official SDKs

LINE official SDKs for the Messaging API.

# Community SDKs and libraries

Our community SDKs and libraries are developed by third party developers and are available under general open source licenses. While LINE conducts limited reviews on the community SDKs, LINE does not provide official support or guarantees for these SDKs. Refer to the applicable licenses and disclaimers for each SDK.

If you would like to share your SDK or library on this page, please refer to the Community contribution guidelines and our Community Program Agreement.

Library Language Description Publisher License Stars
fireliff-cli n/a Command line interface for LIFF intocode-io MIT GitHub stars
LINEChannelConnector n/a LINE Channel Connector for BotBuilder kenakamu MIT GitHub stars
line_bot_framework PHP Framework for developing bots shidec MIT GitHub stars
line-chatbot-boilerplate Python Template for developing bots mgilangjanuar MIT GitHub stars
LINESimulator n/a LINE simulator for debugging bots kenakamu MIT GitHub stars
line-richmenus-manager n/a GUI tool for creating and managing rich menus kenakamu MIT GitHub stars
linebot Node.js SDK for the LINE Messaging API for Node.js boybundit MIT GitHub stars
botbuilder-linebot-connector Node.js Microsoft Bot Framework V3 connector for the LINE Messaging API Wolke MIT GitHub stars
bottender Node.js Framework that lets you quickly create bots that can run on multiple platforms Yoctol MIT GitHub stars
messaging-api-line Node.js SDK for the LINE Messaging API for Node.js Yoctol MIT GitHub stars
line-bot-sdk-dotnet C# SDK for the LINE Messaging API for .NET Standard dlemstra Apache-2.0 GitHub stars
LineMessagingApi C# SDK for the LINE Messaging API for C# pierre3 MIT GitHub stars
line-bot-sdk Haskell SDK for the LINE Messaging API for Haskell moleike BSD GitHub stars