# LINE notification messages overview

Use of optional functions requires an application

Only corporate users who have submitted the required applications can use the functions described in this document. To use these functions with your LINE Official Account, contact your sales representative or contact our Sales partners (opens new window).

# Overview

LINE notification messages is a service that lets you send messages to users by specifying their phone number, even if you don't know their User IDs. Even if a user hasn't added your LINE Official Account as a friend, you can send them messages from your LINE Official Account.

Based on the customer's phone number held by the company, a message request is sent to the LINE server, and a LINE notification message is sent to the account of the user whose phone number is registered to LINE. Phone numbers sent by companies are hashed, and LINE Corporation uses the received information only for matching the destination of message transmission, and immediately destroys it after matching. It may also be necessary to verify your identity by SMS to confirm the content of notifications including personal information, and to continue the procedure.

For more information on LINE notification messages, see Technical specifications of the LINE notification messages API and the LINE notification messages API reference.


The purpose of use for LINE notification messages

The purpose of use for LINE notification messages is limited to those that LINE deems useful and appropriate for users. It can't be sent for commercial or advertising purposes. For more information, see LINE notification messages UX guideline (opens new window) (Japanese only) in LINE for Business.