LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF)
Build a web applications that run on LINE and seamlessly connect LINE users with your services.
Web app connecting with LINE users
The LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) is a web application framework provided by LY Corporation. When you integrate the LIFF SDK into your web app, you will be able to access information provided by the LINE Platform or use functionalities provided by the LINE app.
Integration with LINE Login
and the LINE Platform
LIFF is integrated with LINE Login. Without having to deal with complicated settings,
you can safely access a user's profile information via the LINE Platform's authorization flow.
Share target picker: A powerful tool
for sending messages
The share target picker is a tool for sending messages to LINE friends who you can select via LIFF app. Even without opening a chat room the developer can send messages to LINE friends, so you can use this feature to connect users with services, send information, and add social elements.
Cross-browser support
LIFF is cross-browser compatible. Most APIs are compatible with desktop browsers,
so they will work both with regular web browsers as well as with LINE apps.
Providing utility
We're providing various convenient utilities to support LIFF developers. You can easily retrieve
the LINE app's version or the OS type. We also provide a QR code reader out of the box.
Various screen sizes
For running on the LINE app we're providing three different screen sizes
that each have their own advantages.