LINE Front-end Framework overview

LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) is a platform for web apps that run within LINE.

When launching a web app (LIFF app) registered in LIFF in LINE, the LIFF app can get data from the LINE Platform such as the LINE user ID. The LIFF app can use such data to provide features that utilize user information and send messages on behalf of the user.

note LIFF apps not compatible with OpenChat

Currently, LIFF apps are not officially supported in OpenChat, which means some functions don't work. For example, retrieving a user's profile information through a LIFF app isn't possible in most cases.

Operating environment

LIFF supports the following versions of operating systems and LINE:

  • iOS: iOS 8 or later. iOS 9 or later uses WKWebView and iOS 8.x uses UIWebView.
  • Android: 4.2 (Jelly Bean MR1 and API level 17) or later
  • LINE: Version 7.14 or later

Size of the LIFF app view

A LIFF app can be displayed in one of these three sizes. A LIFF app cannot have multiple view sizes, but you can change the view size later if necessary.

View size

Set the view size when you add your app to LIFF. For more information, see Adding a LIFF app.

Getting started with LIFF

To add your web app to LIFF and enable the use of the LIFF, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a channel for your LIFF app on the console.
  2. Develop your LIFF app.
  3. Add your app to LIFF.

Development guidelines

When developing your web app, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • The URL fragment of the page opened with a LIFF app includes such as an access token and user ID, so be careful of data leakage.
  • When you implement an API that uses device or OS functions, such as obtaining position information and accessing cameras and microphones, implement the API so that user actions trigger API calls.
  • Do not track the user with cookies or localStorage or link LINE user information with external session information without the user's consent.
  • It is not guaranteed that you can get or save cookies or use localStorage through a LIFF app. It may also be restricted in the future.
  • During your application's test phase, limit access privileges for the LIFF app through your web app.
  • The URL scheme of the LIFF app and any content that is opened in the LIFF app must be https. If the URL scheme is http, the content is displayed in the in-app browser of LINE. In this case, even if the web app has been registered as a LIFF app, it does not function as a LIFF app.

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