# The differences between the LIFF browser and external browser

LIFF browser specifications

For more information, see LIFF browser specifications.

The LIFF browser doesn't support some of the web technologies supported by external browsers. The web technologies that aren't supported by the LIFF browser include the following:

Web technology Description
theme-color Meta Tag (opens new window) A feature to specify the color of the user interface
Download attribute (opens new window) A feature to use a hyperlink for downloading the resource, not for navigating to the resource
Add to home screen (A2HS) (opens new window) A feature that allows the user to add a web application to the home screen on the user's device
Service Workers (opens new window) A feature that enables offline support, background synchronization, push notifications, etc. in a web application

The web technologies listed above may be supported by the LIFF browser in the future.

Whether or not the LIFF browser supports web technologies other than those listed above is in accordance with the specifications of WKWebView (opens new window) and Android WebView (opens new window). For more information, see Can I use... (opens new window).