# Built-in features

LINE MINI App comes with the following built-in features:

# Action button

By default, an action button is displayed on the common header provided on every page of your LINE MINI App.

With this button, users can share the LINE MINI App with their friends. When users tap the action button, the following options will be displayed in the user's LINE setting language:

Item Description
Share Share the current page on LINE MINI App as a LINE message. The share message includes the following elements:
  • URL: The permanent link of the current page.
  • Title: The LIFF app name entered in the LIFF app name on the LIFF tab of the LINE Developers Console.
  • Description: Automatically set text
  • Image: Image registered as Channel icon on the Channel Basic settings tab on the LINE Developers Console
Minimize browser Minimize LIFF browser. For more information, see Minimizing LIFF browser in the LIFF documentation.
More from this service provider Display the Provider page. This option won't be displayed on LINE versions earlier than 11.12.0.
Refresh Refresh the current page on the screen.

To share the current page, users need to tap the action button on a LINE version that officially supports LINE MINI App. In case of LINE versions lower than the supported versions, the action button in the header will always lead to the LINE MINI App's top page, regardless of the individual page being shared.

  • You can implement a custom action button and place it anywhere you want in the format of your choice.
  • New features, such as the ability to move back and forth between multiple chat rooms without closing the LINE MINI App, are underway.
  • You can't hide the action button on the LINE MINI App. Also, LIFF apps added to the LINE MINI App channel can't be set to Module mode.

This Channel consent screen appears when a user uses your LINE MINI App for the first time. The screen prompts the user to grant permissions to your service.

All LINE MINI Apps request the following permissions by default.

  • Permission to acquire the user's LINE profile information
  • Permission to send messages to chats

The Channel consent screen for your LINE MINI App prompts users to grant only the permissions that have been approved by LY Corporation. You can specify the items that require permission from the user in the settings of the LINE MINI App channel on the LINE Developers Console.